Vietnam Yellow Arabica Coffee


The Vietnam Yellow Arabica Coffee is grown in Cau Dat, Dalat, in the Central Highlands, an area known for tea-like Catimor Arabica. The beans, which undergo honey processing, have a distinctive wine-like aftertaste. Known for its softer body, the Yellow Arabica strikes a balance between sourness and sweetness. It has notes of tropical fruits aroma. Every batch of coffee beans is hand-roasted.

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Single-origin Vietnamese Coffee
  • Origin: Tractor farm
  • Variety: Fine Robusta
  • Process: Honey
  • Roasted level: Medium
  • Ingredients: 100% roasted coffee bean, no flavouring & no preservatives.
  • Quality indicators: Caffeine contain > 1%, humidity < 5%
  • Best before: 6 months with whole beans & 3 months with ground coffee after roasted date (check on packaging)
  • Storage: Keep in dry & cool place
  • Hand drip guide: Giving 12-18g coffee grounds 30s to bloom with boiled water 94°C in the filter then resume pouring water over the grounds until it reaches your profile
  • Espresso machine: Use 9-18g coffee grounds then reaching your brewing time
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Ground, Whole Beans

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