Vintage Hanoi Monopoly Board Game
Art Prints from Vietnamese Artist
Hanoi Flower Power 2024 Calendar

The calendar takes you on a journey through different seasons in Hanoi represented by monthly flowers.

Home Fragrance Collection

The Collection of Linen Spray for home.

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Coffee Tea Towel

goodie for homeware

A Brewtiful Day Gift Set

From a stylish ceramic French press and hand-painted cups to a Vietnamese Phin Coffee printed tote bag and single-origin micro-batched coffee. This curated A Brewtiful Day gift set will delight avid coffee enthusiasts. And with such a wonderful gift, it’s better latte than never!




Triangle Tote Bag Mustard Yellow Color Made in Vietnam 1
One Bag Fit All

As far as Japanese minimalism goes, de-cluttering your wardrobe will de-clutter your mind. Our bag collection is designed to embrace…

Fifty Shades of Fresh Scents A Collection of Summer Perfumes
Fifty Shades of Fresh Scents - A Collection of Vietnam Summer Perfume

Fifty Shades of Fresh Scents - A Collection of Vietnam Summer Perfumes It makes perfect sense that everyone loves to…

Hanoiopoly Hanoi Monopoly Vietnam Board Game Jeu de société du Vietnam 2
Play Tet with Vietnam Monopoly Board Game

Tet offers a great communal bonding time. Let’s take a trip back in time to Hanoi at the turn of…


Collective memory (noun): the memory of a group of people, passed from one generation to the next. In our understanding, collective memory is far from an intangible thing. It is touchable. Visible. Usable. Edible. Smell-able. Collectable and Memorable. The concept comes from a collective cultural mindset that values local identity over global homogenization, originality over cliche, and quality over quantity.

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