Collective memory (noun): the memory of a group of people, passed from one generation to the next

In our understanding, collective memory is far from an intangible thing. It is touchable. Visible. Usable. Edible. Smell-able. Collectable and Memorable.The concept comes from a collective cultural mindset that values local identity over global homogenization, originality over cliche, and quality over quantity.

Founded by a Vietnamese duo of travel writer and photographer, the concept for Collective Memory emerged from a shared enthusiasm for Vietnamese culture. While constantly on the move for assignments, the creators use these opportunities to scour the country for the best products that Vietnam can offer.

The concept brings together authentic and high-quality brands under one roof. While individually each brand has its own unique story, a collective of brands forms a larger narrative about a country that is constantly evolving.

Collective Memory styles itself on the idea of an independent and locally made magazine targeted to a global audience. Just as a magazine approaches its editorial content, Collective Memory plans to regularly curate its artifacts and product lineup in order to celebrate an ever-changing pool of local talent. It’s a hybrid between a mini salon-style gallery and a museum-style concept store.