Vietnam Fine Robusta Coffee


Vietnam Fine Robusta Coffee are grown in Bao Loc, Lam Dong Province, an area known for high quality Robusta production. The beans are natural washed and light roasted, giving the coffee a bold chocolate flavor with a hint of smoky warmth in its finish. The coffee growers dry whole coffee cherries on the trellises in a greenhouse at a steady temperature, which allows the beans to have enough time to soak up all delicate yet distinct flavors with a bold body.

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Single-origin Vietnamese Coffee
  • Origin: Tractor farm
  • Variety: Fine Robusta
  • Process: Natural
  • Roasted level: Medium
  • Ingredients: 100% roasted coffee bean, no flavouring & no preservatives.
  • Quality indicators: Caffeine contain > 1%, humidity < 5%
  • Best before: 6 months with whole beans & 3 months with ground coffee after roasted date (check on packaging)
  • Storage: Keep in dry & cool place
  • Hand drip guide: Giving 12-18g coffee grounds 30s to bloom with boiled water 94°C in the filter then resume pouring water over the grounds until it reaches your profile
  • Espresso machine: Use 9-18g coffee grounds then reaching your brewing time
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Ground, Whole Beans

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