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03 Feb Play Tet

Tet offers a great communal bonding time. Let’s take a trip back in time to Hanoi at the turn of the 20th century and the 1880s Saigon, places that were once called “The Paris of the East” with our beautifully illustrated Hanoi Monopoly and Saigon...

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Quà Tặng - Quà Tết - Tet Gift Set - Gift shop in hanoi

29 Jan Eat Tet

Khi đại dịch xảy ra, du lịch là một trong những ngành chịu thiệt hại nặng nhất. Tuy nhiên, ở một góc nhìn tích cực, cái mà đại dịch mang lại chính là thời gian, thời gian để nhìn lại cách mà du lịch và ẩm...

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Tết Coriander - Tắm lá mùi già - Shopping in hanoi

29 Jan Smell Tet

Tắm lá mùi già vào chiều 30 Tết là một nét đẹp văn hoá mỗi khi xuân về. Mùi là loại rau mùa đông khi đun lên cho mùi thơm ngan ngát, cay cay. Trong cuộc sống bận rộn ngày nay, để giảm bớt công đoạn...

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With Tet just around the corner, it's time to reflect on it what Tet is. Tet is a time of homecoming and reunion dinners Tet is a time when the whole country is painted in a sea of gold and red - colors that represent prosperity, happiness...

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Herbal heating pad - Gối chườm thảo mộc


Using herbal heating pads for every 30 minute a day keeps your pain away! - What is it made of? Naturally sourced ingredients with four different options: lavender buds, ginger, cinnamon and mugwort - What is it used for? Menstrual crampsHeadachesShoulder and neck painsStomachachesMuscle achesSleep deprivation Vietnamese heating pads...

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25 Jul A Lavender Story

Collective Memory team recommends three locally crafted lavender related products for your everyday use: 1) Lavender Candle - Using high-quality essential oil sourced from the UK and Spain- Using food-grade glassware made by Ocean and each candle cup can be repurposed into a water cup or vase...

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