Vietnam 25 Years – Documenting A Changing Country


Catherine Karnow’s attachment to Vietnam, her 25-year history of photographing the morphing society and landscape, is a visual diary of how she entered this land of enigma and discovered its twists and turns at every intersection of life.

Her photographs reveal the story of a poignant and emotional journey following in the footsteps of her esteemed father, Stanley Karnow, the renowned journalist of the seminal book and award winning documentary Vietnam: A History.

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San Francisco-based photographer, Catherine Karnow has been a shooting since 1986. She specializes in people and culture, shooting for magazines, books, and a variety of corporate or individual clients.

In addition to shooting, Catherine’s is a leading educator, who gives workshops and presentations around the world. She is well-known in Vietnam and also fluent in French.

“I have been in a love affair with photography from day one, back in high school. Everything I know about photography has been from my own personal experience. I live and breathe photography. It is a beautiful way to see the world and connect with people. Discovering how much I love to teach is an extension of that joy. It is my job as an educator and a leader to help my students express what is inside, to guide them to express the beauty they see and feel. For me, there is nothing better than the sharing my passion, enthusiasm and love with both the people I am photographing and the guests I am teaching.”

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