Recycled Toiletry Bag – White Blue Stripes Color


With waterproof covering, Recycled Toiletry bag helps to firmly store body hygiene and toiletry supplies. Bag can also open up to 180 degrees to help us find stuff with ease!

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Recycled Toiletry White Blue Stripes Color

Designed & hand-sewed at a small workshop in Bình Thạnh, Dòng Dòng cherishes to manifest the aesthetics of Sài Gòn, to tell a lovely story about the City.

Dòng Dòng aims to create durable and unique recycled bags with high functionality, raising our little voice for the environment.

“Dòng Dòng”, in Saigon accent, means “to go around”, which is a way to imagine the life cycle of used tarps from old awnings or truck covers to the unique bags on your shoulder.

“Would you like to go around with Dòng Dòng?”

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 13 mm
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