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Morning Clumsy Art Print


Raise your hands if you’ve “been there, done that”? I hit the snooze button and slowly dragged myself out of bed. I brushed my teeth and combed my hair and then began preparing my breakfast. I sat down but found my hot milk had disappeared. I looked under the table, but there was nothing there. It took me a few seconds to realize I’d left it sitting in the microwave. I grabbed my hot milk from the microwave and returned to the dining table, reaching out for my sandwich plate. And then, wham! I knocked the glass of orange juice over, drenching the newly washed white tablecloth and my favorite magazine. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, my favorite Secret Santa mug fell off the table. Oh well, things sometimes do not go as smoothly as we want them to.

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Morning Clumsy Art Print for Wall & Home Decor.

Born in An Giang province (in southern Vietnam), Tuyet Han is known for her presentation of female appearance which is condensed into muted colors and broad brush strokes. Armed with a degree in Foreign Trade, Han instead taught herself to draw and has been working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator ever since.

Her series of drawings entitled “Perfectly Imperfect” is aimed at democratizing beauty standards and promoting tolerance towards differences. It particularly resonates with Han because she used to feel very insecure about the way she looked when she was a student. That was partly due to the portrayal of beauty aspirations in women’s glossy magazines and the K-Pop movement.

Back then, most of her female schoolmates were crazy about Korean pop stars’ looks and tried to hold themselves to those unrealistic standards of beauty; including white skin, V-line face, S-line nose and heart-shaped lips. The social media boom made it even worse by highlighting the fear of being left behind. As a result, Vietnam has since experienced a sudden interest in plastic surgery in the hope of chasing perfection.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that Han understood what it means being authentic and found herself letting go of perfection. “It felt so liberating when I could go out without putting on a lipstick. I feel happy to just be me.”

The message is simple: Be kind to yourself. There’s no right or wrong way to look. As the Japanese philosophy of “wabi-sabi” reveals, there’s a crack in everything, and that’s how the light gets in. Shine on, ladies!

  • Frame is not included
  • Each print is made using Conqueror Art paper – 300gsm
  • This print only available in A4 size
    • Size Guide:
      • A4 (210 x 297 mm/ 8.3 x 11.7 in)
  • International shipping is available
Weight 30 g
Dimensions 210 × 297 × 1 mm


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