Thao Luu

About This Project


The 22-year-old, Hanoi-born illustrator Thao Luu is obsessed with Nostalgia and sees her work as a constant exploration of the adult yearning to retrieve a sense of awe for the past. She thinks of herself as a happily trapped agent in a world where past and present almost collides. “There is always something happening in the past that makes it irresistible to live in present times. It feels like I am living more than one life at the same time and I’d rather relive the one that passed,” Thao says.


Her passion for modern art is nurtured by years of studying the old masters such as Vincent van Gogh and Salvador Dali. Much of her inspiration comes from literature, music and human movement.


She is best known for her distinct cubist and surrealist style, her thickly layered drawings, festive moods, lollipop colors and the whimsical movements that can be seen throughout her work.


Her characters are often portrayed as dancing acrobats losing themselves in party scenes. Thao is known for reinterpreting the iconic paintings such as The Kiss (1907-1908) by Gustav Klimpt, Festival in Figueras (1921) by Salvador Dali and The Guitarist by the 20th century Vietnamese painter Vi Y as contemporary pieces of art.



Thao Luu Illustration


Price: VND165,000 (US$7,3) per print.

Each print is made using Conqueror Wove Oyster paper – 300gsm.

Available in standard A4 sizes only.

International shipping is available.