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Le Lin (Pure of Joy)

Inspired by a photograph taken in Hanoi in 1989 (which marked a period of change in the Vietnamese capital after the Vietnam War) by famed photographer David Alan Harvey, the Vietnamese illustrator Le Lin recreated it with her acrylic brush strokes.


A vivid explosion of colors, expressive movement of lines and the abundance of unconventional shapes can be seen as her signature style. Much of her work focuses on mental health, fantastical themes, and the interconnection between characters and their nature by visual metaphors. She especially loves to work in editorial and children’s illustration.


Besides making art, Lin is a dedicated reader, a DIY enthusiast and an amateur photographer.


Manh Tran (Vietnamese Teachers’ Day)

Manh Tran is a young Hanoi-based freelance artist who was trained in the Vietnam University of Industrial Fine Art for five years. During that time, Manh actively participated in various extra activities and community services involving arts.

One of his most significant contributions so far has been a street art in the form of a mural painting spanning 21 meters, which was chosen to be on display in the final showcase. Manh has also been an avid hip hop artist for 9 years in the Hanoi street dancing scene.

He has been reaping many prizes and acclaims and is often invited as an honorable guest to many dance championships across the country. Manh Tran is working consistently to pursue his newly discovered ambition – to create meaningful values and enrich the spiritual and artistic life of the zeitgeist.

This illustration is drawn in celebration of the Vietnamese Teachers’ Day. Its message is simple: To all the world educators, we salute you. The undertaking of a teacher is of crucial importance to society, yet in our everyday life, a simple gesture of thankfulness –  a token of appreciation is rarely shown for fear of being overly sentimental.

That’s why for just one day, Teachers’ Day, we avail ourselves of these emotions and cherish one of the most noble profession whose task is to lead the future generation out of their self-incurred infantry into self-empowering maturity.


Vu Tuong Vy (Betel Nut)

Legend has it that the Vietnamese tradition of chewing betel nut (“cau”) is deeply rooted in the reign of the Hung Kings. Betel leaves and betel nut have long been used as offerings in traditional ceremonies such as engagements and ancestor worship.

During marriage negotiations, betel nut is an integral part of the conversation between the parents of the bride and groom. In daily lives, betel nut acts as an icebreaker to get a conversation flowing and bring people closer together. By offering someone a quid of betel nut, you show your hospitality towards that person.

This print is part of the Vietnamese proverbs illustration series initiated by Hanoi-born illustrator, Vu Tuong Vy and Vietnamese travel journalist, Nga Hoang. It was borne out of sheer interest in providing visitors to Vietnam with a unique insight into Vietnamese culture.


Price: VND165,000 (US$7,3) per print.

Each print is made using Conqueror Wove Oyster paper – 300gsm.

Available in standard A4 sizes only.

International shipping is available.