Jack Clayton

About This Project

Jack Clayton’s body of work is an interlinking mix of woodcut prints and intricate pen and ink illustrations. With the former he entwines images into the grain of the wood, letting the natural patterns inform and dictate the work in progress; with the latter he manipulates form to create labyrinthine illustrations that unravel and reveal the more they are scrutinized.


In the past Jack has studied different environments, places he’s lived or traveled through and enjoyed learning about the stories of the past and their relations to the present, how things have changed or how they stayed the same. He used his art to gain a better understanding of an area and its personality which shows through his immensely complex and thoughtful illustrations.


More recently he has been working on a series of large-scale woodcuts and engravings that explore the relationship between the different levels of consciousness, how we can analyse and understand these levels and use them to improve ourselves and our actions.