D’ampin Coffee

About This Project

Staying by the Da-am-pim river in the Bao Loc highland, our coffee farm has witnessed the glorious past of the coffee and tea plantations here. Our farm used to be a prosperous plantation owned by a French family. From here, the agricultural products were exported to many countries all over the world. We are proud to be one of the parts that constructed the fame for the local farmers.

Regretfully, time and many historical events have made this place worn out physically and spiritually. What has now remained are small separated plantations. The products are now made just enough for the farmers’ daily life.

Because we don’t want our predecessor’s heritage in this natural gifted land to become the forgotten past, our young people are trying our best to reconstruct and to enrich the traditional farming and producing the agricultural products.

By telling you again our childhood stories and sharing you the photographs of the past, we hope to continue the story of d’Ampin, the river where everything originates.