Fifty Shades of Fresh Scents – A Collection of Vietnam Summer Perfume

Fifty Shades of Fresh Scents A Collection of Summer Perfumes
Fifty Shades of Fresh Scents – A Collection of Vietnam Summer Perfumes

It makes perfect sense that everyone loves to wear a low-key scent that is clean and fresh during summer. From zesty citrus and delicately floral to something less obvious, the Collective Memory team rounds up some of our favorite locally crafted summer scents which prove that fresh is far from boring.

1/ Mekong – Eau de Cologne
Maison Bagian Mekong Perfume 2
Mekong cologne is a Vietnamese designer perfume brand

Dubbed the “Rice Bowl of Vietnam”, the Mekong Delta is blessed with sun and water, which makes it ideal to grow rice, fruits and vegetables. Boasting a blend of kumquat, lemon, mandarin, green tea, jasmine and lotus, Mekong will immediately transport you to the Mekong River Delta dotted with winding river canals, orange groves, coconut plantations, towering sugar palm trees, local cafes outfitted with hammocks, and floating markets with boats chock-full of jackfruit, mangosteens and watermelons. It smells unmistakably light and bright.

  • Mekong Cologne available in size 10ml and 100ml.
  • Unisex cologne.
2/ Hue Frangipani – Eau de Cologne
Anna Rituals Hue Frangipani perfume 1
Hue Frangipani cologne is crafted by a Vietnamese indie perfumer

Characterized by its whiteness, frangipani is known as ‘hoa su’ (which is translated as porcelain flower in Vietnamese). It has a bright citrus-like flower which can be used as a floral alternative to fruity colognes. Its slight sweetness and softness reminds you of the monasteries and royal pavilions dotted with lush frangipani trees in the city of Hue.

  • Available in size 30ml.
  • Female cologne.
3/ Seas the Day – Eau de Parfum
Anna Rituals Seas The Day 1
Seas the Day perfume is crafted by a Vietnamese indie perfumer

Taking the name and inspiration from the Latin phrase ‘Carpe Diem’ (Seize the Day), Seas the Day perfume is an easy, breezy, wearable perfume that evokes cheerful and carefree holidays on the beach and that post-shower pre- aperitif golden hour. It has a fresh, outdoorsy scent that captures the sense of liberation. Just as its name suggests, Seas the Day has the fragrance of a tropical beach – think coconut, pineapple and orchids. Upon the first spray, you’ll be greeted by notes of orange reminiscent of a post-shower freshness, combined with sweet hints of rose and peach. The middles notes are amber and cedarwood complemented by coconut and jasmine, which evokes memories of a beach holiday. The base notes are white musk and sandalwood deepened by a whiff of lily and rosehip. Laid-back, fresh and long-lasting, nothing quite says life’s a beach like Seas the Day.

  • It comes in a handy 30ml bottle that can easily slip into your bag.
  • Unisex scent.
4/ Always a Fresh Start – Eau de Parfum
Tamania Alway A Fresh Start Perfume 1
Alway a Fresh Start perfume is crafted by a Vietnamese indie perfumer

First and foremost, this scent requires an open mind. On first sniff, the notes of spearmint and clary sage will smack you straight in the face. Give it a few seconds and you will be invited into a raspberry garden wrapped around hazes of tobacco smoke, followed by the comforting scents of cedarwood, vetiver, sandalwood and warm tonka bean. Alway a Fresh Start perfume is a distinctly low key, zesty smell punctuated by minty herbs and woodsy undertones. It’s not a crowd-pleaser but it’s delightfully unique. It reminds one of someone sipping an ice-cold mojito, recalling memories before heaving a sigh of relief when bidding farewell to the past and welcoming a fresh start.

  • Available in size 10ml and 30ml.
  • Unisex scent.
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