Bridget March

About This Project

Born in the UK, I am a visual artist working in a range of traditional mediums. I make original artwork and books for people who love Vietnam whether they live here or are just visiting.

My books, paintings, drawings and etchings makes the experience of being in Vietnam more meaningful and helps to explain the cultures, landscapes and history of this beautiful land.

What differentiates my work is my perspective; I come to Vietnam with a fresh eye and a curious mind. What I discover and what I draw attention to, is often a surprise to Vietnamese and International audiences alike. It has been said that my pictures capture the essence of Vietnam.
Part of the process of my work is to sit, observe, listen to and interact with the subject of my paintings. I don’t work from photographs. Even in the hottest sun and heaviest rain I will at least do a little sketch to commit my emotions to memory. Most of my drawings of Saigon are drawn on the street so I can feel the rush of traffic


FB: bridgetinvietanam
Inst: bammbahvn