Tiger Balm Art Print Series

02 Jul Cella Marcy & Nga Hoang

  [vc_separator type="small" position="left" down="38" up="7"][vc_column_text] The Tiger Balm art print series was launched as a result of a collaboration between Vietnam-based illustrator, Cella Marcy and the Vietnamese travel journalist, Nga Hoang. [/vc_column_text][vc_separator type="transparent" up="5" down="20" position="center"][vc_column_text]The series was born to pay tribute to the legendary Asian medicinal...

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Vietnam Traffic - Art Print by Bui Ngan

02 Jul Bui Ngan

  Born in Thai Binh Province (North Vietnam), Bui Ngan caught the drawing bug at an early age and is a self-taught artist. Her hybrid technique combines the traditional practice of pencil drawing with digital coloring. Her drawings are intimate, suggestive, delicate and poetic. Even though many...

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Self Reflection - Art Print by Nicki

02 Jul Nicki Blackbeard

  Trained in Visual Communications and based in Hanoi, Nicki often finds herself drawn to the beauty of nature, women and East Asian icons like the dragons. The use of vibrant colors in her illustrations often leaves a lasting impression on viewers. Her adopted home, Hanoi,...

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Transition - Art Print by Manh Hung

02 Jul Manh Hung

  [vc_separator type="transparent" up="5" down="20" position="center"][vc_column_text]This illustration examines the transition years from teenage to adulthood, a life-stage that the Hanoi-based artist, Manh Hung, is going through. Whilst the younger self in the illustration represents an innocent look at life in which she wants to be cool...

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Girl and Vase - Art Print by Tuyet Han

02 Jul Tuyet Han

  Born in An Giang province (in southern Vietnam), Tuyet Han is known for her presentation of female appearance which is condensed into muted colors and broad brush strokes. Armed with a degree in Foreign Trade, Han instead taught herself to draw and has been working...

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The Kiss 1 - Art Print by Thao Luu

02 Jul Thao Luu

  The 22-year-old, Hanoi-born illustrator Thao Luu is obsessed with Nostalgia and sees her work as a constant exploration of the adult yearning to retrieve a sense of awe for the past. She thinks of herself as a happily trapped agent in a world where past...

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Mirror on the Wall - Art Print by Tuyp Tran

01 Jul Tuyp Tran

  Work of the young Saigon artist Tuyp Tran (1988) tells of a complex world of culture, sexuality and beauty via suffocatingly detailed illustrations. Tuyp works hard to offer an insight into his psyche by lacing together intricate narratives that require the onlooker to stop before...

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Betel Nuts - Art Print by Vu Tuong Vy

30 Jun Others Artists

Le Lin (Pure of Joy) Inspired by a photograph taken in Hanoi in 1989 (which marked a period of change in the Vietnamese capital after the Vietnam War) by famed photographer David Alan Harvey, the Vietnamese illustrator Le Lin recreated it with her acrylic brush strokes.   A...

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Hoan Kiem District - Art Print by Trang Trim

30 Jun Trang Trim

  Price: VND165,000 (US$7,3) per print. Each print is made using Conqueror Wove Oyster paper – 300gsm. Available in standard A4 sizes only. International shipping is available....

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